Best Water-less Car Wash Products in India – Dry Car Wash Kit

Best Dry Car Wash KitEver been into a situation where you need to take your car somewhere in a clean and polished look?

But, wait, what if you don’t have water, bucket, and a place you can start throwing water on your car to clean it?

Well, if ever had ever found yourself in such a situation or you just don’t like to use so much water to clean your car then you should get a Dry Car Wash Kit!

Dry car wash is a very effective alternative to the traditional car wash technique where we need to wash our car with the help of water. Also, the dry car wash technique doesn’t require you to use a bucket to clean your car!

Neat, isn’t it?

Before we jump directly to the best dry car wash kit or water-less car wash products in India, you need to know a few pros and cons of water-less car washing.


  1. Fast РDry Car Wash is quite fast when compared to the traditional technique which involves Washing, Washing again with Car Shampoo (Cleaning) or Snow Foam, Rubbing, Wiping, Waxing or Polishing, etc.
    Dry Car Wash Kit has all that is required to clean the car and at the same time to make the car look polished and shiny.
  2. Environment-Friendly – It requires little to no water to clean and also doesn’t pollute a lot of water and so it is very environment-friendly!


  1. Might Harm the Paint – As in this car washing technique water is not used so some water-less car wash products might contain powerful chemicals.
    Most of the time the big brands won’t release their products into the market without testing and so they are considered to be safe for use. But, some small or local companies might release their products without testing and which might provide harm to the paint of your car.
  2. Might Not Be As Efficient As Traditional Washing & Polishing – The traditional way of cleaning and polishing is quite effective and that is why it is almost always the first choice of all the car owners.
    But, if you are unable to find a Car Wash Station near you then the waterless car wash can still make your car look great and that too without even using much water.
    One of the most crucial areas where the Waterless car wash technique is not better than the traditional technique is that this technique sometimes leaves stains and doesn’t even give a good glossy effect. But this is not applicable to all the products.

These are the Best Waterless Car Wash Kits in India:-

1. PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Kit

This product is ranked number 1 on our list of the Dry Car Wash Kit due to various reasons.

This waterless car wash kit from PROKLEAR has got it all that you’ll need to clean your car without using much water!

You don’t need to run another hour-long search on the internet for the best spray bottle or for the best microfiber cloth for car, as it has got it all for you!

Isn’t it cool?

But, wait, this is not it!

This product has got more to offer!

This kit only requires 500 ml of maximum water and comes with 2 Microfiber cloths to clean the car and then polish it at the end.


  • Comes with Spray Bottle and 2 Microfiber cloths
  • Offers about 50 washes
  • Safe to use on paint, chrome, plastics, vinyl, rubber, tyre, glass, metal, wheels, etc.


    • Might leave some hard stains

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2. Wavex Waterless Car Wash Kit

Wavex is one of the most renowned brands in the car wash industry. This dry car wash kit is certainly one of the best available in the Indian market!

This kit includes – a spray bottle, microfiber cloth, and car wash concentrate. The packaging of the product looks neat and gives a very premium feel.

You can get more than 140 washes and which makes this product very budget-friendly.

Users only need 1 cap full of concentrate and then fill the remaining spray bottle with water (495 ml).


  • You can get about or more than 140 washes
  • Comes with Microfiber towel and a spray bottle
  • Eco-Friendly – as it uses less water
  • Provides decent gloss to the car


  • May leave swirl marks, if not rubbed properly.

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3. BLUEOXY Waterless Car Wash 500 ml with 2 Microfiber Towels

This product offers – Wash, Shine, Wax, and UV Shield.

It comes with 500 ml car wash concentrate and 2 Microfiber towels for the car to clean and polish.

If in case your car remains parked under the Sun for longer duration then this is one of the best options available for you, as it provides a UV shield to the car’s paint.


  • Protects the paint from the UV rays
  • Comes with 2 Microfiber towels
  • Eco-Friendly


  • May get used up more as compared to some other Waterless Car Wash Products

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4. Green Duck Waterless Car Wash Kit

This is one of the most effective waterless car wash products available in the Indian market. It comes in a 500 ml concentrate pack and with 2 Microfiber towels and this is all that you’ll need to clean and bring the polished look on your car!

You can use one microfiber cloth to clean the car and the other to polish it.

As the concentrate contains wax also, so you’ll able to achieve a decent wax polished look on your car and that too without much effort and spending money!


  • Protects against acid rain, bug tar, tree sap, road grime, bird droppings, etc.
  • Contains Carnauba Wax
  • Comes with 2 Microfiber cloths


  • Might leave some stains

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5. SCHUTZEN Crystal Shine Wash & Wax Waterless One Shot for Car Surface

This is not a regular kind of waterless car wash concentrate. It is made with advanced science!

It will not leave any stains behind and provide a long-lasting shine and protection for your car. The concentrate is strong enough to do it all in just one shot!

All it takes is 15 minutes to do its work. It provides Wash and Wax in just one shot!

It comes in 2 different quantities – 250 ml and 500 ml. But, it doesn’t come with any microfiber cloth, so you’ll need to purchase it separately if you are planning to get this one.


  • It provides long-lasting protection and shines
  • Comes with wax for better shine
  • Comes in 2 different quantities – 250 ml, 500 ml
  • Made with Advanced Science for better results
  • Comes in an Easy-to-use Spray bottle


  • Doesn’t come with Microfiber cloth for cleaning and polishing

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So, these are the best waterless car wash products in India. We know some of you might be thinking that how can these be waterless washing products when they require some water to be used!
Well, they only require about 500 ml of water and which is comparatively very less when compared to the traditional car wash.

We hope you have found the information provided here on this page valuable.

Happy Driving!