Best Car Audio Systems Under 10000 in India | Best Bluetooth Stereo

Best Car Audio SystemThe best kind of Car Stereo System helps the Car Speaker system to deliver the best kind of music that every music lover craves for!

The Indian market is full of varieties of Car Audio System which promises the best audio processing but only a few do the job as required or advertised!

We have done a nice internet search and have formed a list of best car audio systems in India. However, this list specifically talks about the best car audio system under 10000 to help you choose the best in your budget easily.

Please note that this list reflects entirely my views, internet search, personal experience, and opinion. If you think you can recommend better products under 10000 then do share those products with our visitors by leaving a comment below.

These are the Best Car Audio System Under 10000 in India:-

1. Blaupunkt San Marino 330

Blaupunkt is one of the most renowned brands not just in India but across the Globe!

This Car Audio System is fully packed with almost all the features that you would like to enjoy in your car.

It comes with a 6.2″ Digital TFT Touchscreen Display which has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It has a USB port, AUX port, and MicroSDHC port. It does come with Bluetooth for seamless wireless connectivity!

It has the capability to show the Rear Camera Video and can also be controlled by the Steering Wheel-mounted Control Buttons.


  1. Touchscreen: Yes
  2. Bluetooth: Yes
  3. AUX Port: Yes
  4. MicroSDHC: Yes
  5. USB Port: Yes
  6. Display Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
  7. Display Size: 6.2 Inches
  8. Display Type: Digital TFT Touchscreen Display

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2. Dulcet DC-9911T

This is one of the best Car Stereo Systems available in India that you can get in this price range!

It sports almost all the features that a driver might like to enjoy. It has so much to offer that you might not like any other product after learning all its details and price.

It comes with GPS Navigation, Dual USB, Bluetooth, 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen Display, WiFi, Amplifier Output, FM, Rear View Parking Camera & Sensors, Steering Wheel Control, etc.

It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Internal Storage enabling you to store some of your favorite stuff!

One of the best things about this Car Audio System is that it uses Android as its Operating System. This helps it to extend its compatibility to a wide range of smartphones. Not only Android mobiles, but it is compatible with iPhones as well!


  1. RAM: 2 GB
  2. Internal Storage: 16 GB
  3. Operating System: Android
  4. Compatible Devices: Android, iPhones
  5. Display Size: 7″
  6. Gorilla Glass: Yes
  7. WiFi: Yes
  8. Bluetooth: Yes
  9. Touchscreen: Yes
  10. FM: Yes
  11. GPS Navigation: Yes
  12. Dual USB: Yes
  13. Google Play Store: Yes
  14. Mobile Internet: Yes
  15. Inbuilt Mic: Yes
  16. Steering Wheel-mounted control buttons support: Yes

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3. Woodman Neo 2

Here’s yet another one of the best car stereo systems.

It runs on Android and lets you install Apps from Google Play Store. It has built-in WiFi for seamless internet connectivity that you will need at the time of using Google Maps and other internet-based apps.

It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Internal Memory/ Storage. It comes with Bluetooth, 2 USB Ports, 7″ HD Screen with Gorilla Glass and has a resolution of 1024 x 600.


  1. RAM: 2 GB
  2. Internal Storage: 16 GB
  3. Operating System: Android
  4. Compatible Devices: iPhones and Android
  5. Gorilla Glass: Yes
  6. Display Size: 7″
  7. WiFi: Yes
  8. Bluetooth: Yes
  9. Touchscreen: Yes
  10. GPS: Yes
  11. Dual USB: Yes
  12. Google Play Store: Yes
  13. Car Reverse Camera: Yes
  14. Parking Sensors Connectivity: Yes

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4. JVC KW-V11

JVC is pretty famous in India when it comes to the best budget-friendly Car Audio Systems.

This Car Stereo system by JVC sports a 6.2 Inches WVGA Touchscreen display with customizable GUI.

It has a dedicated terminal for Rear-View Camera for seamless integration. It supports the steering wheel-mounted control buttons to enable the driver to control the audio system without many efforts.

It supports multiple media playback – MP3, WMA, WAV, GIGA MP3, MPEG 1&2, DivX, JPEG.


  1. Display Size: 6.2 Inches
  2. Display Type: WVGA Monitor
  3. Touchscreen: Yes
  4. Bluetooth: No
  5. Steering mounted control buttons support: Yes
  6. 5-Band Parametric EQ
  7. 11-Preset EQ
  8. Rear View Camera Ready: Yes, with Dedicated Terminal
  9. Ready for Wireless Remote Control: Yes

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5. Pioneer FH-S709BT

Here’s a car stereo system from Pioneer! This audio system from Pioneer does come with Bluetooth but lacks a touchscreen display.

It looks a bit old-fashioned but can be a great choice for those who like it the old way!

It comes with pretty impressive features like Dynamic Bass Enhancer, Advanced Remote Control, Larger 2-Line Display, Bluetooth, Mixtrax, Learning Steering Wheel Control, Advanced Sound Retriever, etc.

It also features a charging downstream port which provides up to 1.5 amperes to quickly charge your smartphone.


  1. Display: 2-Line Display
  2. Bluetooth: Yes
  3. Steering Wheel Control Support: Yes
  4. Mobile Charging Support: Yes
  5. Touchscreen: No

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